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Colour & Design Consulting

How does it work?

Very simply.

Michael can assist you with interior and exterior colour schemes for both new and existing dwellings. Where possible, the consultation is carried out on site, normally during daylight hours, as colours can appear very different in different lighting conditions. (You may well have already discovered that paint chips that seem okay in the paint shop look so wrong once you actually get the sample pot on the wall at home.)

Michael will bring a huge range of colours with him to enable you to select the exact colour to suit the job. He will discuss the ambience you are aiming to create throughout the area as well as co-ordinating all new colours with existing flooring, kitchen and/or furnishings you wish to retain

He will then leave you with a swatch of each colour chosen, along with a written specification that details where each colour is to be painted.


Think about colours that you enjoy, those that make you feel good. These colours could form the foundation of your new décor or just appear as accents.

How you would like to feel when you walk into your dining, lounge, bedroom? Relaxed, sunny, stimulated, calm, sophisticated……? If you’re unsure what you’d like, try looking through magazines and catalogues for decorating looks that attract you.

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